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"Betsy doesn't see people through her lens. She sees souls. Her eyes, her lens, reveal the essence of people. It is remarkable. Kids get it. They know right away that she is interested in them not as photographic subjects but as people. It makes all the difference in her work....

                                                                                                      - Susan Silverberg, Massachusetts

With a focus on people's hands, Betsy Gertz takes us on a photographic journey of discovery. Her passionate and caring attention to what is both typical and extraordinary about people and their gestures, all over the world, encourages us to participate in the experience. Her photographs of literally reaching out to animals, to people of all walks of life - children, working adults, older persons - engenders surprise, appreciation, amusement, comfort and wonder.


Here is the answer to the mystery posed in the book's FORWORD about the images found on page 50:

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